July 27, 2011 began its work towards the Ukrainian portal sutka.com.ua

July 27, 2011 began its work towards the Ukrainian portal sutka.com.ua MDM is a daily Orenda apartments and houses.Resource which aims to bring E created for people who want to rent an apartment or house all propositions Short-Orenda.


Here you can see the full information about the object of lease, a description of daily apartment, see its location on a map, a map and paspechatat take with vdorogu also see high-quality photos a rented apartment, and even to leave feedback about it.

Our mission, the rental tenant, you'll be able to contact mediators apartment owners by means of on-line booking by email or by phone. Fees and commissions, we do not charge you for searching daily apartment or house. 

We will try to bring you not only Orenda daily in big cities and in smaller populations with up to 50 tis. On our portal you will be able to view the daily rental of affordable apartments and houses. 

If you own a house or apartment and want them zdat the day, then you need to raregistrirovatsya our portal sutka.com.ua, create your own account as a gift and absolutely free of charge and, independently Doda rent housing, or to send us all the information and it is for you will join us ... 

We want to engage in dialogue with its customers and users of the portal sutka.com.ua if you will have comments, suggestions or complaints feel free to send them to us. If your responses will be related to the work of the portal sutka.com.ua, then prisilayte letter addressed to the head, according to this E-Mail sutka.com.ua @ gmail.com 

We will work with you for, we hope that Wee will find on our site daily sutka.com.ua exactly the apartment you're looking for. 

Sincerely, portal sutka.com.ua - rent housing in Ukraine. 
Thank you, wait novih News

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