New opportunities on the Portal Sutka for homeowners and visitors

From time to time the administration of Sutka portal is getting e-mails and phone calls from the site users and homeowners with comments and suggestions. This was a reason for the innovation on the site. This year Ukraine will host Euro 2012, the innovations will help the guests of Euro 2012 to rent anapartment daily. The modernization improves work in the two ways:

1). For portal visitors.

2). For homeowners who have apartments for daily rent.

For Portal Sutka visitors who are looking for apartments for daily rent we have developed a program "A Lazy Tourist ". As a tenant you can  leave your contact information on our site, by filling in the necessary form. Immediatly after completing it, the information onwhat your need daily rent comes to homeowners’ mobile phones and e-mails. To those homeowners who are participating in the program "A Lazy Tourist". They are interested in calling you back and make their offer. This is a great program for those who have no time to look fordaily rent.

The second program is on-line booking, it was made for convenience of site visitors as well as for homeowners who give daily rent.The visitor of Sutka Portal can book a short-term real estate directly from his/her computer and even make an advance payment. There are two ways of booking, in the first one you send a necessary form via SMS to the homeowner, after that you phone each other and negotiate about the details. In the second case you make a guarantee reservation by paying an advance fee – this is a great guarantee for both sides. There are three ways of paying booking- by VISA/MASTERCARD (you do the whole process with the help of computer), the payment through the terminal throughout the whole territory of Ukraine (the process starts by the computer and ends by paying the advance for rent in the terminal), and the third way is a payment in the bank (first you create an invoice for payment, which is sent to your e-mail, then you pay the bill in any bank you like).

There was developed "A Discount Program" for homeowners. The participants of the program provide the discount to Portal Sutka visitors, the discount is 5 % off the rent price, if the visitor says to the houseowner that he’s found his appartment on the site Sutka. In turn, our site gives an opportunity to houseowners, that are taking part in the program, to single out their appartments among others for free.

Also for people who are giving their appartments for rent was developed "Loyalty program". If you visit your account within seven days you’ll be given bonuses. You can spend them in any time to single out your appartments

We are constantly working on improvement,  in oder to help people who want to to rent an apartment daily, so they can find that what they are looking for and the people who are giving their appartments for rent can have maximum opportunities on our site and maximum clients. Sutka.com.ua –we are working for you.

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