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For homeowners

We invite to cooperation all owners of apartments and houses that want to place their objects rent on our portal sutka.com.ua. In order to apartments and houses that you propose were Brought to potential customers in full, you must submit to our portal sutka.com.ua exclusive photos and text information. Everything else we do for you yourself. 
Internet portal is arranged so that each owner of an apartment or house could add your own item. You can see statistics on the activities page with your apartment. If you have multiple apartments - manage them from one page, in your personal office. 

You can:

1. Place facility rent (apartment or house): 
• add to your page to ten photos for one apartment 
• a complete description of the daily rent by the given form 
• make notes in the calendar workload 
• plot the location of the apartment daily on the map 
• read and give feedback about the answers to your apartment or house for rent 
• make and edit your personal details 
2. Manage your site or sites to lease private office. 
3. Observe and analyze the statistics of their own apartments for rent. 
4. Get advice on your rent apartments in specialists sutka.com.ua 
5. For reservations use the system. 
6. Select the whole object of renting color rising into the upper rows show 
7. Select your apartment or house by placing it in "hot deals" on the home page. 

Your responsibilities:

To provide fair and objective information about its facilities lease. 

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