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sutka.com.ua - a national information portal apartment rent without intermediaries, which has gathered in his apartments, houses for rent, and rooms with hourly whole territory of Ukraine. 
We are a team of young professionals insistent that works for you - our clients, so you can use high-quality product, specialized in renting apartments and houses every day. 
If you are interested in rent housing, our portal sutka.com.ua created just for you. 

 Portal rent is extremely easy to use while here you will find all the completeness of the information on apartments, houses and rooms hourly. Moreover, all apartments are collected daily from their owners, no, that is, you do not overpay and do not pay a fee for them. 
Apartments for rent is becoming more popular, many guests, including foreign, use it instead of hotels because you can feel the comfort of home. 
Compared to the price-quality apartment without intermediaries quality stands out hotels. 
A large range of prices in the manner of the apartment, placed in us, will allow you to choose the option value and service you are looking for. 
For the convenience of tenants we have in our web portal sutka.com.ua apartment rent apartments online booking by email. 
We hope that you will be comfortable to use our web portal, and you remove that very apartment in which you will be comfortable and pleasant place. 

We invite to cooperation all owners of apartments and houses that want to place their objects rent on our portal sutka.com.ua.Terms of delivery and the price of apartments which you install yourself. Soon Ukraine will most prestigious football action in Europe - UEFA Euro 2012. In the Ukraine will come many visitors and tourists from neighboring states as well as with developed countries in Western Europe. In order to apartments and houses that you propose were Brought to potential customers in full, you must submit to our portal sutka.com.ua exclusive photos and text information. Everything else we do for you yourself. 
Internet portal is arranged so that each owner of an apartment or house could add your own item. You can see statistics on the activities page with your apartment. If you have multiple apartments - manage one page, in your personal office. 

 Market rent is constantly changing and improving, which forces us to actively respond to new rules and playing field. We always fill the portal offers new and innovative features that makes our portal, which specializes in renting apartments and houses for rent, the first number in this field. 
Each week add a few interesting new apartments a day. 

 If you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding the website sutka.com.ua please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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