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Погода в Нежине

The information about Nizhyn


Nizhyn is an administartive center of Nizhyn Oblast of Chernigiv Region. The city is situated on the bank of the Oster River.


The territory of modern Nizhyn was settled in ancient times, the archaeologists  say that it was approximately in the Х th-ХІ th century. The city was mentioned for the first time in chronicles in 1078.


As for 2006, the population of Nizhyn is  76 500 .

The activity of the city:

Nizhyn is a developing city, assured development of economics and culture encourage to build new housing , and also the appearance of daily rent.  Many tourists are coming every day and they are looking for daily rent. Daily rent is popular among tourists and city residents. With the help of our service you can find  daily rent in Nizhyn for different tastes. You can also make reservation on Daily rent in Nizhyn is suitable for businessmen and tourists. To rent an apartment in Nizhyn via is convenient and easy.

The interesting facts from modern history:

The cultural life of Nizhyn is very diverse. There are many cultural institutions, theatres, and museums.

Famous people from Nizhyn:

Mykhailo Novytskyi, Oleksandr Znoiko, Mark Bernes, Osyp Tverdovskyi, Mykhailo Shkliarenko.


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Apartments in Nizhin, an apartment for rent in Nizhin

price for days: 200 UAH.
area: Сenter
street: Московская, 15б
+380 68 386...
price for days: 220 UAH.
street: Свердлова, 2
+380 68 386...
price for days: 260 UAH.
street: Подвойского, 8
+38 068 107...

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